Anxiety and Depression – Causes and Treatment

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Anxiety and depression can be defined as mental disorders. Anxiety involves a state of mind that is due to the possibility of an anticipated misfortune. On the other hand, depression is a health condition that makes you lose interest in everyday activities. When you are depressed, you feel persistent sadness. Both of them are interrelated in multiple ways.

Before digging deeper into the topic, it is important to know what people think about mental health problems like anxiety and depression.
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As you see, the result shows that now people consider such issues as serious health conditions. Unlike the results, there still are some people who do not think like that. It is for their information that anxiety and depression are real and they need to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid other severe health situations.

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

Anxiety Symptoms

  • Constant Nervousness
  • Feeling Powerless
  • Sweating
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Excessive worry
  • Increased breathing and heart rate

Symptoms of Depression

  • Loss of interest in everyday/normal activities
  • Suicidal thought
  • Loss of sleep and appetite
  • Increased tiredness

Some anxiety symptoms and depression symptoms are identical. For example, extreme worrying, restlessness, and agitation are experienced under both conditions.
If you are going through such symptoms, it is always better to seek medical treatment. It is due to the fact that these symptoms worsen over time. It is always essential to get yourself in control before experiencing a triggered condition like panic or an anxiety attack.

Panic and Anxiety Attack

A panic attack or an anxiety attack is a condition when your body goes through numerous physical conditions. For instance, in an anxiety attack, you experience chills and sweating. Furthermore, you face numbness in your hands and also undergo chest pain. Not only this, but you also have difficulty in breathing and weakness in such a condition. Such a state is a difficult one to handle. In extreme cases of a panic attack, you feel like you will die.


Anxiety or depression can occur at any age or time. That is to say that such conditions can arise due to constant stress or strain. It all depends on the situations you have gone through. Your mind and your way of thinking are affected in such circumstances. You have no control over yourself, and you face extreme helplessness.

For example, if you are living in a domestically abusive family, you are likely to face such issues. Apart from that, students also go through academic depression because of their studies. There are multiple social factors as well that drives a person to encounter issues like that. A relationship breakdown can also lead to health problems. In other words, when you fail to commit to a relationship that directs you to break up can impact your mind badly.
Reasons such as loneliness can also destroy someone’s peace of mind. It is a fact that busy people tend to be less stressed compared to those who are lonely. To clarify this point, you can say that busy people can focus on other stuff to get rid of such conditions. However, lonely people have nothing to think about except their loneliness.

Some More Reasons that Badly Affect Your Mind

Illness is likewise a big contributor to anxiety and depression issues. Prolonged serious medical conditions can give you a really hard time in the form of mental health disorders. Therefore, it is always better to get yourself treated.
Such medical conditions can also run down in the family. It is true that depression and anxiety disorders are hereditary. There is always a 50% chance that you may develop such disorders if your parents are facing them.
Addiction to drugs or alcohol can also lead to such health conditions. You can say that they have a significant role in triggering mental medical diseases. You should refrain from taking such medications and drinks in order to avoid mental illnesses. Before thinking about temporary peace of mind, think about how you can help yourself.
There are also some hormonal changes, especially in women, that direct to depression or anxiety.
Above all, there are some events that can make things worse for a depressive person. For instance, losing someone who is very close to you is an event that can mentally affect you. Other than that, there may occur multiple occasions that can disturb your mental stability. You may remain in trauma for a long time if you encounter an event that has affected you emotionally.

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

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In anxiety, your condition becomes so bad that you lose control over things. Whether it is about handling the body’s physical reactions or getting command over your mental stability, it is so challenging to do it.
In medical conditions like these, It is necessary to go for medical treatment. Moreover, it will always be a plus point if you take therapy at the early stages of your mental instability. It is because, as soon as you diagnose the reason for your condition, there is a greater chance that you will overcome your state of mind.
There are multiple health care professionals that provide solutions to deal with disorders. Some healthcare professionals recommend psychotherapy, while others may refer to some anti-depressant pills.
But it is always a good idea not to go for medications. It is because medicines have side effects that may impact your body in different ways.
You can say that it is more suitable if you go with the natural way of curing yourself rather than depending on some medications. There are multiple ways through which you can treat your illness naturally. Here are some measures that you can take to cure yourself:

Natural Ways to Cure Serious Mental Health Conditions

Exercise Regularly:
Exercising is significant in rewiring your brain. It has long-term beneficial effects on the body. It improves physical conditions, but it also keeps your brain healthy.
Get Enough Sleep:
You need good sleep to get control of your brain. You do not need to trouble yourself by not getting enough sleep. Not only does it triggers your mental illness, but it also makes things complicated.
Eat Healthily:
If you are facing any of the signs described above, you need to eat well. Good and healthy food is always a plus point. You may have no clue how this habit can help you deal with your medical condition.
Do what you love!
It is always an amazing idea to move on, and moving on from troubles is the only way you can do something effective. To make stuff easy, do what you enjoy. If you love traveling, then do it! If you adore reading books, grab them and make things simpler for yourself.


Anxiety and depression are difficult to apprehend. The ones who deal with it should get themselves treated. Some natural treatments can really help patients to recover from such medical issues. If you are elderly and need medical aid because of anxiety and depression, you can apply for CDPAP programs. CDPAP can help senior citizens to get medical treatment from their loved ones.

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