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New Omicron Sub-variant – Symptoms and Treatment

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Before learning about the new omicron sub-variant, let’s go back to the end of 2019 when there was an outbreak of the coronavirus in the city of China, Wuhan. In no time, the virus dispersed around the globe. There were millions of cases. Nearly in every region of the earth, people were going through very hard times. In the mid of 2020, corona spread like a fire in a jungle. Consequently, many people lost their lives due to this deadly virus.
The governments of different countries had a really tough time maintaining the situation. That is to say, the nations went through lockdowns, faced the worst of all-time economic circumstances, and the crisis was not arriving at an end but was worsening overall.
The people were stuck in their homes. Many industries got shut down, and millions of people got unemployed. Above all, there was not a single cure for this disease. Doctors and paramedic staff only asked the people to take precautions. Patients were provided with oxygen. They were put on ventilators. Hospitals had no place to deal with the patients, and every single person was helpless as well as hopeless.
We all must remember the times when there were hundreds of thousands of cases that were being reported daily, especially in India and the USA. People cried for the lives of their loved ones. They knew they could not help them in any way.

The New Normal?

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When people talk about the new normal, they forget that corona still remains in our environment. The new normal does not mean ignoring all the precautions and enjoying the lift-ups of lockdowns in their countries. The governments have given relaxation due to the fewer number of cases. It does not mean that corona has totally ended.
During this time, when the new omicron sub-variant is making its place in the environment, people and governments need to get serious. Mainly because it is very contagious, we must not forget the times when the deadly Delta variant made its outbreak to destroy people’s lives as well as nations’ economies.

The Current Corona Situation Worldwide

Although the world has seen a constant decline in the Covid-19 cases, the damage it caused in the last two years is huge. The total deaths are around 6.26 million, and the people affected by it are 520 million. The most number of patients belongs to the USA, which is around 82 million. The second country is India, with the highest number of corona patients after the USA. Numerous other countries follow them, and they, too, have millions of cases.

Delta, Alpha, Beta, Omicron, and now The New Omicron Sub-variant

Before the situation could go any worse, we all witnessed the new variants of the coronavirus. Whether it was Delta, beta, or alpha, we all know how it affected the planet.
Every different variant had distinct characteristics. For example, Delta was 90% more transmissible than the alpha variant of coronavirus. The severity of such variants also had differences. Till now, the most brutal variant is still considered to be the delta variant. It is because it is the most contagious corona variant that exists.

New Omicron Sub-variant BA.2.12.1

The Omicron Sub-variant BA.2.12.1 can be called stealth Omicron. Circulation of this dominant strain has been seen actively since March 2022. It has greatly affected parts of the United States of America.
The reason for referring to it as a stealth omicron is because it contains some genetic mutation. It has become harder to distinguish between this sub-variant and the Delta variant. This new Omicron sub-variant differs from the original Omicron variant of coronavirus.


Because this variant is a new one, doctors are still in research to get aware of the exact signs faced in this specific variant. The doctors suggest that it has flu-like symptoms. Furthermore, professionals say that people affected by the new variant may experience the same conditions as in the previous variants. Some are the following states that a patient may face when affected.

  • Sore Throat
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

The Severity of New Omicron Sub-variant

Although the new omicron sub-variant is pretty infectious like Delta, the experts say that it is still less severe than the other coronavirus variants. The dominant aspect of this variant is it is spreadable. That is to say; it is not severe but contagious. But, it is true that care is better than cure. We must know how badly covid has already impacted the world overall. So, It is better to be cautious of the situation and take timely precautions in order to be safe. It is yet an alarming saying from the doctors that the new omicron sub-variant may become the most virulent variant of all times. So, you all must think before getting out without wearing and applying a mask and sanitizers respectively.


Let’s make things simpler and go for cautiousness rather than going for treatment. If you know how much you are secure just by following such points, it will be shocking for you to learn. However, following just two or three of the mentioned protection measures may not help you to be safe from such a disease. Therefore, make sure you follow every guideline.

  • Get tested as soon as possible.
  • If you think you are affected due to the signs, make sure not to get out (stop the spread).
  • If testing is unavailable for any reason, quarantine yourself for 14 days.
  • Clean your hands repeatedly.
  • If you are having difficulty in breathing, or you are facing confusion, loss of mobility, or speech, It is necessary to call the healthcare providers.
  • To save your families, keep a distance of 1 meter from them and do not interact with them. If possible, be in a separate room.
  • Do keep your mind busy and stay positive. For example, exercise and keep in touch with your family members online.


There may be some pain killers that doctors may suggest to you to fight the coronavirus. It is not basically for fighting the virus but to lessen your pain. As in such illness, you go through extreme body pain.
The question still exists, what is the cure for covid 19 and all its variants? The answer is pretty simple and quick, “vaccine”.
It is to say that corona vaccines and booster doses may help you to create antibodies against it.
Talking about the new omicron sub-variant, then you can say that vaccines can fix it too. The specialists in this domain still say that vaccines can change the way we react to all the variants of coronavirus. For instance, the Delta variant proved to be more dangerous for non-vaccinated people compared with the ones who were vaccinated.

More Information

At this point in time, the new omicron sub-variant is participating vigorously in many parts of the world, including the USA, where 29% of overall corona cases are part of this subvariant. Therefore, it is always better to take care and stay in touch with health care providers so they can give you the correct knowledge for dealing with the situations you are encountering.


All the waves of corona variants have affected us badly. There is no reason not to care about yourself and your loved ones.

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