Why trust Direct Personal Care for CDPAP Services?

You are here to know why you should trust Direct Personal Care for your CDPAP services, but before that, it is better to know about the CDPAP itself. It is a program through which you can hire the caregiver of your choice, and the caregiver can be from your own family, neighbors, or even friends.
The abbreviation of CDPAP regards to Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. It is a Medicaid program by New York State that allows customers or consumers to hire, recruit and direct their own caregivers. The most exciting part of this program is that as a customer, you have the authority to select the person you can depend on. When it is about selecting a caregiver, you always make sure that you are comfortable with them. How good it is to get your family members, friends, or neighbors as your own caretakers! The most important part is that the loved ones you are hiring also get paid. You do not have to feel like you are taking advantage of them because they are getting paid through the program.
If you have Medicaid or Medicare, you are allowed to register yourself in this program. Not only will you get the required care, but you will be satisfied as the caregivers that are taking care of you.

Why Direct Personal Care?

Now that you are aware of the CDPAP program let’s just dig into the main topic. The question is, why choose Direct Personal Care to do all the processes? The answer is pretty simple and clear. Direct Personal Care is an experienced homecare agency that has made its name around the New York State because of the phenomenal services it has offered. Direct Personal Care is there to help you out at every single step. Following are the most amazing features of this that can help you to make the best choice for a home care agency!

We have an Extensive Clientele!

There is no doubt on the point that it is not easy to trust companies that are new. But what we can present to you is that we have a huge number of customers that have trusted us with the CDPAP services. The clients are pretty pleased with the services we have offered to them. Through us, they were able to remove the gap between all the licensing processes that are very complicated to even initiate.
Being one of the leading homecare agencies in New York, we make sure that the trust the clients have developed for us should always remain there. We do not rely on any other parties and do the work on our own.

We Have an Amazing Team!

The most important factor for any successful project or program is teamwork. Without teamwork, you cannot achieve anything. Here at Direct Personal Care, every person makes one hundred percent effort. Because we are regarded as a part of the healthcare sector, our team always has to keep in mind that people depend on us. The ones who are disabled, the ones who are not able to do stuff on their own, have faith in us that we will help them.
From the start of the process till the end of the whole CDPAP services cycle, our competent team makes sure that they provide every possible service that our consumer expects from us. From finding their eligibility to getting all the procedures done, we make sure not to make stuff complicated for our customers.

You Can Contact Us for any queries!

Suppose you are interested in getting registered for the CDPAP program, but you have some doubts in mind that you need to clear before proceeding further. To help you resolve this issue, we have dedicated staff for this purpose. You can contact us to get the smallest of queries resolved, and our staff will be happy to guide you further.
If you are a customer, you are more than welcome to ask us whatever you want. Our team has solutions for every single problem. The only thing you need to do is to give us a call on the numbers that are provided on our website.

Get All the work done through us!

We can imagine the complexity of asking for CDPAP service from any of the companies in New York. But here at Direct Personal Care, the consumer does not have to care about the intermediate part. We work as a bridge between the consumer and government programs and provide our services in this domain.
We know it is hard to get to the government directly, so people usually go for agencies that can help them with the processes. Direct Personal Care makes sure to keep the consumer’s confidence. We never ever allow going against the requirements of the customers. We like to help our customers. Our mission is to help each and every person who is disabled or elderly through CDPAP services and make all the documenting and licensing procedures as simple as possible for our clients.

Get all the information from our website!

It may be the case that you want to work in such kind of program, or you may need to check how it works. The fact is, everything is pretty clearly written on our website. It is an online presence so that you do not have to appear physically to acquire any knowledge related to the home care agency. We also have an online presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and, Linked in. You can reach us anywhere to be up to date about every single step we take.


Direct Personal Care is not a new name for the ones who are aware of CDPAP services. It has taken years to gain the trust of our consumers so they can get what they demand. We are always there to help out our customers in every way possible. To get the best CDPAP service in town, contact Direct Personal Care, as it is the best option!

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