How do I apply?

It may be complicated for you to apply to CDPAP program if you do not have expert guidance, and for that, we are here to assist you at every single step. 

In three simple steps! we are here to help!


Get assessed by a nurse

The first step includes a simple checkout by a nurse who will visit your house to evaluate if you are eligible for the CDPAP program. This is done first to figure out if you are entitled to the special treatment, and then if you are, how many weekly hours of care service you can get depending upon your condition.


Choose your Caretaker!

The second step is to select a caretaker. It is entirely your choice and the caregiver can be anyone from your family whether it is your daughter or your son. We on the other hand will be proving the stipulations to get them started and will enroll you in our program.


You get aid, and the loved ones get paid!

Step 3 simplifies an issue and gives the caregivers peace of mind as we provide caregivers compensation for the amount of time and care they give you.


Direct Personal Care is a firm that allows you to get care from your loved one. Obviously, you are not comfortable with everyone, so select the caregiver with whom you are comfortable and the one who loves you, moreover, they get paid for the time they are giving to you, so there is no pressure that you are taking someone’s time and care with no compensation.


It is truly a fact that you are more comfortable sharing your problems, and your pain with your loved ones rather than someone else. Direct Personal Care realizes this fact and understands the customers’ demands and eventually helps them in making their old age or disabilities easy for them.
It is also a fact that the amount of care with wholeheartedness given by a loved one is not at all comparable to a person who does not know you and takes care of you. That is the reason Direct Personal Care provides this service where there is no communication gap between our customer and the caregiver and along with that, the care provided by your loved ones strengthens your bond with the caregiver.

What is CDPAP?

Direct Personal Care is in covenant with CDPAP NY. CDPAP is a Customer Direct Personal Assistance Program that allows the consumers to manage and appoint their caretakers. In this Program, you can hire:

  1. Your child
  2. Your relative
  3. Your friend

But the ones you cannot hire are listed below

  1. Legal Spouse
  2. A child (for parent care) under the age of 21
  3. A Designated Representative

How is CDPAP making life easy for everyone?

John knows, after the stroke he got, his life is not as easy like it used to be. He knows he wants someone throughout the day to help him to do even the basic things within his home.
But on the other side, he knows, that his children are busy due to their jobs. So he and his children tried contacting different agencies that provide caregiver services. For a year, they had to change many caregivers, as John was not satisfied. Those caregivers were not at all interested in listening to the pain from which John was going through and came for some time and left when the caregiving was done.

John wanted someone to listen to him, someone to make him feel that he is not alone, someone to help him do everyday activities. Children of John know that it is only possible if one of them can help him out, but then the question arises that who would be running the economy of house and provide their father with good food and life. That is the reason they cannot quit their jobs. But now because of CDPAP, they can!

With CDPAP by Direct Personal Care, one of them can give up the job to take care of their father within their home along with a good amount of pay by Direct Personal Care.